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NDH Firearms logo Screen printed front left side and back centre

Available in two great colours, Dark Grey and Navy Blue

Beautiful cotton with a DRY technology lining. It's really great for active movement!
- The special rayon for the collar is nap resistant and easy to wash. 
- Made from rare Supima ® cotton with a sophisticated, smooth feel. 
- A polo shirt with DRY technology to keep your skin feeling smooth and dry. 
- Updated for a new season! We’ve updated the collar with special nap-resistant, durable rayon that is colorfast even after repeated washing. 
- The collar works on its own or with a jacket, with stretch stitching that hugs the lines of the neck. 
- The narrower seam margins on the placket are cut to create an elegant look. 
- Updated for a new season! Better ease of movement around the shoulders and armholes, and smooth lines from the bust down to the waist.
- A classic item that can be worn in all situations. 
- Perfect for coordinating with casual and dressy styles alike.


Body: 72% Cotton, 28% Polyester/ Rib: 72% Polyester, 28% Cotton 
Machine wash cold, gentle cycle

All clothing Is bespoke and made to order

Designer brand UNIQLO supplies all NDN firearms garments

Japanese casual wear designer ensuring excellent quality..


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