Unique Alpine TPG 1 Tactical Precision Rifle

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Features Unique Alpine TPG 1 Tactical Precision Rifle

Unique Alpine TPG

Tactical Precision Rifle

Make: Unique Alpine

Model: TPG 1

Prefix: Tactical Precision Rifle

Cal: .308/7.62

Barrel Length: 25.5” + 4.75”

1x 5rd Magazine, plus single shot floorplate

Complete Black Cerakote In Matt And Satin

Note Scope and Bipod are NOT included 


Multi calibres available, 5.56mm, .300 Winchester magnum and .308/7.62mm. The rifle is a modular design, therefore it can be disassembled in modules and the barrel is completely interchangeable, providing it is with calibres that share the same bolt head.

Barrel length on my particular model is 25.5” (650mm) and another 4.75” (123mm) Extends the overall length with the muzzle break

Weight is 15.4lbs (7kg) unladen with no scope and empty magazine

Overall length is 50” (1270mm)

This is an exceptional Rifle, In Excellent Condition

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Information on the Unique Alpine TPG 1 Rifle…..

Barrel Assembly The barrel is precision quality free floating barrel and on this model is 25.5” long. Other barrel options are available, including various calibres and lengths. The barrel has eight 17.5” flutes which reduce the barrels weight but increases the surface area thereby improving heat dispersion.

Muzzle break is substantial, measuring nearly 5” in length and 2” in width. The muzzle break is highly effective and noticeably tames the rifles recoil and due to its size and weight also minimises barrel harmonics. The breaks method of attachment and function is slightly unusual. Unlike must breaks that screw onto the barrel this break is located by two key ways and then clamps onto the barrel. In terms of operation, most breaks simply redirect the bullets gases out to one side using a series of baffles and normally at 90° to the bore. This break has a venturi or internal tube that sits approximately 0.75” from the muzzle. As the bullet leaves the bore, it passes across the 0.75” gap and enters the venturi and leaves the break, however the gases are deflected by the venturi into the baffles and are redirected backwards at approximately 80° angle, thereby counteracting the rifles recoil energy. The break can also be fitted with a stud to facilitate the fitting of a barrel mirage band should the operator wish.

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