Ruag Gun Rack 5 Gun Wall Rack

Firearm Price
£ 219,00
Model Year

Features Ruag Gun Rack 5 Gun Wall Rack

5 Shotgun/ Rifle Wall Rack

Popular with shops and customers alike on account of their secure construction and elegant design. With a Nor-lyx rack you can store your weapons in a neat simple and secure manner, irrespective fo barrel length. Nor-lyx weapon racks allow you to make the most of your own creative options with regard to positioning your weapons - however many you have. Made of matt black steel with a protective cover to guard against scratching and the fitting screws are concealed behind the weapon lock.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - These gun security products are designed to be used for in-shop displays, please check with your local police constabulary before using them to store weapons in the home.

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