Phone Blocker Defender Pouch

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Features Phone Blocker Defender Pouch

Defender Signal Blocker

Mobile Phone signal jamming and blocking pouch

  • High quality mobile phone signal blocking pouch with unique RPF (TM) material - As seen on TV, including BBC News and Rip Off Britain! BEWARE OF RPF (TM) IMITATIONS - look for the Defender brand name to avoid inferior replicas
  • Blocks proximity fob signals. calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth®, RFID, NFC - Blocks & Unblocks in just 5 seconds!
  • Discourages phone use while driving - no notifications, no distractions!
  • Also protects keyless car fobs from Relay Attacks, contactless cards and passports.

The Defender Signal Blocker is a mobile phone storage pouch that is lined with specialist RPF (TM) material; WATCH OUT FOR POORLY MADE IMITATION RPF (TM) - look for the Defender brand name to buy with confidence! When sealed inside the pouch, a mobile phone cannot receive any calls or alerts, thereby blocking the temptation for a driver to use or check their phone and eliminating the distraction that an alert can create.

Large enough to fit all phones and including a handy insert card that provides information on the updated laws on phone use while driving, the pouch also protects phones from scratching that may occur in the glovebox.

The Signal Blocker isn't just limited to use while driving; the pouch can be successfully used in any situation that you don't want your phone to go off, be it at work or school, in the cinema, at a function, attending a sporting event.

The intelligent RPFTM blocking material also possesses the capability to block RFID signals transmitted by contactless cards, modern passports and keyless car fobs, stopping digitally thieves and identity fraudsters.

The Defender Range:- Products carrying the Defender logo have been specially selected from our range as reliable, high performance products, at excellent value. Items from this range undergo thorough testing and are regularly purchased and recommended by UK Police,

Local Councils and Neighbourhood Watch Groups.

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