What is Section 7

Before you read on please be aware that section 7 is not a means to ‘shoot pistol’ and flaunt the laws in place to prevent this. Section 7(1) and Section 7(3) of the Firearms Act were promulgated and achieved following the efforts of the Historical Breechloading Smallarms Association (HBSA) and others to preserve the “Heritage” pistols in danger of being destroyed.

Section 7 was established primarily for the purpose of the preservation, collection, demonstration, research and study of pistols of historic or heritage interest. Pistols may be used at the sites of storage for these purposes alone. In addition, Section 7 of the Act does not permit target practice or competition.

Guidance on obtaining a Section 7 variation

In order to try and obtain a Section 7 variation you will need to prove that you have a genuine interest in collecting firearms.


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