Kahles Scopes Rangefinder Binoculars

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£ 875,00
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Features Kahles Scopes Rangefinder Binoculars

Kahles Rangefinder Binoculars

.: Easy and reliable targeting up to 1500 m (1600 y)
.: EAC-function (Enhanced Angle Compensation) for angle correction - patent pending
.: Intuitive simple menu navigation
.: Premium-quality OLED display with five manual brightness settings
.: Display in meter and yards
.: Scan mode for continuous measurement
.: Extra long battery lifetime - 3000 measurements

Kahles have produced a high-performance binocular with rangefinder technology. Reliable targeting up to 1500metres, intuitive operation and simple menu navigation, new EAC-function (enhanced angle compensation), lightweight and ergonomic design.

Besides single distance measurements, the ultra-quick scan mode allows continuous measurements on moving targets. To land more precise hits for angled shots, the more accurate EAC- function - an enhancement of the classic Rifleman's Rule - calculates the angle compensated distance, which can be displayed alongside the standard distance measurement. While the Rifleman's Rule merely calculates the purely mathematical equivalent horizontal range, the EAC function provides a more ballistically relevant basis.

The premium-quality OLED display has five brightness levels that can easily be adjusted manually without having to delve into the menu. This makes it possible to easily adjust the display to suit the ambient light conditions in an exceptionally fast, focused way (and prevents the setting from being changed unintentionally/automatically). The type of lens used in the Helia rangefinder binoculars creates bright images with exceptionally sharp details and natural contrast.
The ergonomic arrangement of the function buttons and the slight pressure point of the rangefinder function ensure that simultaneous observing and measuring complement one another perfectly. The rubber reinforcement and the various controls have been designed with practicality in mind and have a pleasant, non-slip surface. Together with the robust, waterproof aluminium housing, they provide optimum protection against the very harshest conditions.

In line with the existing Helia binocular line-up, the new Helia rangefinders are available in two practical magnification factors (8x42/10x42).

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